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Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the wake of tragedy, we find our strength.

We find in these moments after something so horrific happens, that we are all in this together. Over and over we see our country tested, sometimes it seems to affect us all, like the Boston Marathon bombing and sometimes it seems to affect just one family, like a drunk driving crash. But, we have learned, that in the aftermath of any sort of tragedy, people come together to support those directly impacted and show the world, together we are strong and resilient.

Today, we join the many others who are supporting those who have been impacted by recent events. As victims and families of those impacted by other tragedies, we are here supporting you. We know our grief is not the same and we will never know just how you are feeling right now, but we do know that our hearts ache for you. Not because we feel your pain, but because we know you are feeling pain.We know the road to recovery will be long and hard to travel, but hope you know the strength of the nation is behind you.  For every person that thinks tragedy will break us down and tear us apart, they are wrong, tragedy binds us together as a family, a strong family that will overcome.

No matter the tragedy you are overcoming right now, remember, you are not alone..we hope you find comfort and find strength from all of us standing behind you.