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Make Your Voice Heard

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Here at MADD our first priority is drunk and drugged driving, but when you work in this area you start to pay attention to all road safety issues. This year, there was a bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature, that could make a huge impact on road safety in our state. LB807, The Nebraska Roadway Safety Act, would benefit the entire state by improving some key roadway safety measures. If passed, this bill would make the seat belt law in our state primary, instead of secondary. Meaning if law enforcement witnessed someone not wearing a seatbelt, they could pull them over for that offense alone. The bill does the same for texting and driving and for the provision of the graduated drivers license law. It also bans the use of cell phones for bus drivers while the bus is in motion.

We know that many of our MADD supporters, are supporters of roadway safety in general. So today, we ask you to make sure your voice is heard. This bill is currently in the transportation committee of the state legislature. So, if you are in support of these measures, make sure to make a call to your senator, especially if they are on this committee. It is important to make your voice heard, it is the only way that our state legislators know what the people of the state want. Not sure who your senator is or what committee they represent, find out more information here:

No matter what issue you make the choice to be heard on, make sure you are being heard.