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Seat Belt Safety Focus of Holiday Enforcement

 (Lincoln, NE)- Seat belts save lives, a message Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) Troopers will be sending out to motorists during the national “Click It or Ticket” campaign November 22-28, 2010.

The special enforcement designed to raise awareness of the need to wear your seat belt every time you get into a vehicle encompasses the heavily traveled Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“We’ve got both football and Thanksgiving travel,” said Colonel Bryan Tuma, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol.  “Combine those two events, and you’re bound to get some pretty heavy traffic across the state. We are encouraging motorists to plan ahead giving themselves plenty of time to reach their destination.”

Troopers will concentrate on reducing crash causing behaviors such as speeding, following too closely, failure to buckle-up and impaired or distracted driving.

Travelers who experience an emergency or would like to report a distracted or impaired driver should call the NSP Highway Helpline when safe to do so at *55 from any cellular phone or 1-800-525-5555 from any landline. Motorists wanting road, weather or construction information should dial 511 or log onto the Nebraska Traveler Information website at

For more information on specific enforcement activities during the “Click it or Ticket” special enforcement campaign contact your nearest Nebraska State Patrol Troop Area Headquarters;

Troop A-Omaha (402) 331-3333 Troop C-Grand Island (308) 385-6000
HQ Troop-Lincoln (402) 471-4545 Troop D-North Platte (308)535-8047
Troop B-Norfolk (402) 370-3456 Troop E-Scottsbluff (308)632-1211

Lincoln Police Department released their numbers for DUI arrests and they hit an all time high. On behalf of MADD, we applaud LPD and the efforts of all the officers as they ensured that our roads were safe to travel. 

Thankfully the Lincoln Police Department is not unique and many agencies across the state have had record arrests.  There is a concerted effort by many highway safety advocates (including MADD) to support the Nebraska Highway Safety Plan .  You will want to look at Appendix II and see High Priority areas and it should come as no surprise that enforcing DUI laws ranks HIGH.  As Nebraskans we should care about the fact that:  one person dies every five days due to an alcohol-related crash in our state. A 100% preventable crime and thanks to enforcement we have seen lives saved! 

Nebraska ranked among the top for the least amount a fatalities due to alcohol-related crashes in 2008.  I am proud that we have 30 more individuals with families and friends still intact.

Checkpoints and heavy enforcement during high traffic times have worked to save lives  and not just in our state but in almost all 50 states.  It is an easy message “if you drink and drive you will get caught.” 

Bringing me back to the Lincoln Police Department’s, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department and  the Nebraska State Patrol holiday enforcement resulted in zero alcohol-related deaths in December in Lancaster County in 2009.  Thanks to all for your hard work and keeping us safe as we navigate our way to and from our everyday activities: work, kids, movies, family, errands, grandparents, and the grocery store.

MADD is on the Ribbon but Saving Lives is on Our Minds.


Contact: Deb Collins 402-479-4985
September 24, 2009

 Father and Son Arrested for Driving Impaired 

(North Platte, NE)-  A 53-year-old Gothenburg man was arrested for driving under the influence after bailing his 19-year-old son out of jail for the same charge.images

Around 1:30 a.m., on Saturday, September 19, 2009, a trooper stopped a 1997 Buick Skylark for a broken taillight at 1st and Washington Streets in Gothenburg.  The driver of the vehicle, 19-year-old Trevor Brown of Gothenburg, was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for Driving While Impaired and Minor in Possession of Alcohol.   Brown was transported and lodged in the Dawson County Jail in Lexington.   While in jail, the younger Brown called his father to come and get him.

Shortly after 3:30 a.m., Saturday, September 19, 2009, 53-year-old Anthony Brown, of Gothenburg, arrived at the jail to bail his son out.   A trooper at the jail observed the elder Brown to be intoxicated and warned him not to drive.   About 45 minutes later, the trooper observed Anthony Brown and his son leave the jail and get into a 2001 Dodge Ram Pickup, with the elder Brown driving the vehicle.   The trooper stopped the pickup and arrested Anthony Brown for Driving Under the Influence.  The elder Brown was then lodged in the Dawson County Jail.jailbars

“These arrests show parental actions do have an influence on our children,” said Captain Jim Parish, Troop D Commander.  “I want to commend our troopers for continuing to work the situation.  By doing so, we were able to take two impaired drivers off our streets, and possibly save lives in the process.”



As we strive together to achieve our mission, it is ever so essential not to overlook one of our best neighbors – law enforcement.  The first line in our mission states: to stop drunk driving.  There is no one else better equipped to assist MADD in achieving that goal than law enforcement. They are our front line in defense.  They have the ability to stop drunk driving through enforcement. Enforcement of state laws that have been passed by our legislators, signed by our governors and supported by people like you and me. 

Prosecutor Award, Mandy Trout, Colfax County Attorney's Office

Prosecutor Award, Mandy Trout, Colfax County Attorney's Office

The MADD Nebraska State Operations Council has seven enforcement representatives, from city police to county sheriff’s to probation to county attorneys.  The State Organization is not the only one to reap the benefits that law enforcement, as volunteers, can provide to our community groups.  The MADD Greater Omaha Community Action Site has both a local city police officer and lieutenant with the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department as active members; the Greater Omaha CAS utilizes a Valley Police Officer as a Trained Volunteer Victim Advocate.  MADD in Holt County has the full support of the Mayor who happens to be what else?  A Nebraska State Trooper.  MADD has a SOC member from Box Butte County making sure western Nebraka is not left out

Getting to know law enforcement officers across the state, for the state office, has been truly rewarding and I encourage each of you in your community to take time to get to know your local officers.  Ask them to become a MADD member.

All too often law enforcement goes unrecognized for their vigilant work to stop drunk driving.  This year MADD Nebraska held our 10th annual “Outstanding Law Enforcement Award” ceremonies.  MADD is proud, as an organization, to commend law enforcement across the state for their efforts in eliminating drunk driving and maintaining public safety.

Midnight Accident Unit, make 945 DUI arrests.  MADD applauds OPD work.

Midnight Accident Unit, make 945 DUI arrests. MADD applauds OPD work.

  From this annual event, MADD has made friends, changed views, learned new views and most of all found a partner that is willing to help us achieve our mission: to stop drunk driving.  Just as we work with victims to support them, law enforcement has taken an oath to uphold our state laws. Law enforcement constitutes the front line in our fight to end impaired driving.  Embrace that partnership!

(Lincoln, NE)- Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) will recognize 18 outstanding law enforcement officers, including 2 prosecutors at their 10th Annual “Outstanding Law Enforcement Award” ceremony, Thursday, May 28th at The Cornhusker Hotel at 4:00 p.m.

Awards will be presented to: Deputy County Attorney Stephanie Hansen, Sarpy County Attorney’s Office, Deputy County Attorney Mandy Trout, Colfax County Attorney’s Office, Trooper Glen Waddle and David “Matt” Ramsey, Troop B, NSP, Headquarters Troop, Nebraska State Patrol, Troop A, Nebraska State Patrol, Lexington Night Shift, Nebraska State Patrol, Carrier Enforcement, Nebraska State Patrol, Midnight Accident Unit, Omaha Police Department, Trooper Doug Petty, McCook Sergeant Area, NSP, Trooper Mike Thorson, Troop B, NSP, Trooper Dave Hunter, Troop E, NSP, Trooper Kaleb Bruggeman, Headquarters Troop, NSP, Trooper Jason Morris, Troop B, NSP, Trooper Brandon Viterna, Troop B, NSP, Deputy Jeremy Jones, Hall County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Kyle Coughlin, Saunders County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Joseph Martinec, Jr., Douglas County Sherriff’s Office, Officer Adam Turnbull, Omaha Police Department.

One of the most impressive winners is: The Midnight Accident Unit of the Omaha Police Department who worked as a team to make an astounding 945 DUI arrests from January 2008-December 2008. “Their work no doubt saved lives in the greater metro area”, add Simera Reynolds, Executive Director.

First Lady Sally Ganem, MADD State Chair, stated “It is always a pleasure to recognize those individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that our roads are safe to travel on a daily basis. We continue to see the number of alcohol-related deaths decline and we owe much to those who consistently enforce our DWI/MIP laws”.

“This award ceremony is a special time to let family and friends know how much MADD appreciates the diligent work done by the award winners”, commented Reynolds. There are many times when law enforcement put work in front of family. Today is a day to thank the families for their support continued Reynolds.reynoldsimg_0004-1

In 2008, there were 65 alcohol-related fatalities in the state, one of the lowest numbers recorded.  For MADD, one alcohol-related crash is too many but it is a welcome trend to see the numbers decline. MADD encourages everyone across the state to drive safe, sober and buckled up during the 100 days of summer.

Simera Reynolds

State Executive Director